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About Us

Exponential Potential Enterprises, LLC is a training and consulting company.  Our primary focus is assisting our clients in increasing their profitability by enhancing their employees' performance and productivity as well as their systems and processes.

We also provide both business and life coaching designed to unlock your exponential potential.  Thank you for taking the time to consider one of our Success Coaches or Consultants for your organization, team or your personal life. We would love the opportunity to work with you.

Coaching means that we support you in becoming the best you can be. We want to help you to Unlock Your Exponential Potential that's deep within you like buried treasure.

To Your Success,
EP Unlocker Coach

Unlocking Your Exponential Potential







Meet The Team


Our team of executive coaches and business consultants are passionate about serving you and helping you unlock your exponential potential in business and life. 

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James E. Smith III

President & CEO


James is an expert & thought leader on Unlocking Exponential Potential from within businesses, professionals, executives, entepreneurs and individuals.  He is the CEO of Exponential Potential Enterprises, LLC, an executive business coaching & consulting company with a focus of helping clients unlock their potential and increase their productivity, performance and profitability exponentially. 

James received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington with a concentration in Organizational  Development and MBA studies through City Univerity. He has over 20 years of both research and practical experience that has given him a unique perspective and philosophy in the area of human potential and personal and professional development.  James has researched & studied the top thinkers and experts in this area and has implemented best practices to help private and public entities leverage technology to improve their operations and  increase their ROI and market share.

As a retired military officer and corporate consultant, James brings an innovative & unique perspective to leadership, training, and team development. James has developed an ability to discern and unlock hidden talent and potential by identifying key components that propel individuals and businesses to the next level. James has developed a unique transformational perspective through his personal journey and various entrepreneur ventures which he is incorporating in his soon to be released book, Unlock Your Exponential Potential: 7 Keys to Becoming the Person You Want to Be.


As The EP-Unlocker, James is passionate about skillfully discovering and unlocking the exponential potential that is buried inside individuals businesses and teams!  



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